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Nov 27, 2007 · Yahoo Singapore Answers How can I stop my husband to play gambling? I got married 08, april 2006 untill now my husband had sole my moto bike, phone to play gambling. so I don't want seperate from him but I want to stop him from that. ... You cant make someone stop and addiction. They have gambling addiction hotline that will help you out. addicted to gambling? | Yahoo Answers Feb 18, 2008 · Always think about all the bad things about gambling for example it can make you loose out on a lot of money as nothing is for certain in gambling, Its not good for your health and that it can upset families and friends. When you keep in mind all the bad things about gambling it will give you a stronger will power to quit. stop gambling slogans? | Yahoo Answers Dec 12, 2006 · Best Answer: "Quick money, easy money, is quickly wasted." " Gamble and you will be poor a lifetime." " Gambling is money wasting." when is it wrong to stop gambling? is gambling right, when

My situation - Dropped out of uni, I was doing law and I was failing badly! I'm a numbers person. - Have $22,000 in uni debt. - Lost my job on Monday, my boss said that I was a liability to the firm.

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7 May 2015 ... (Inside Science) -- Habitual gamblers are more likely to believe they see ... The intuitive answer of 10 cents leaps to many people's minds, but ... Online Gambling: Is it Legal? |

Online gambling addictions can be harder to overcome than an addiction to gambling at casinos. Computers are readily available and gamblingIf after trying the above, you can't stop gambling online, you may need to see a therapist. Your addiction may be caused by other problems in your life...

How to Help Someone With a Gambling Problem. Try It For Free. However, bailing the gambler outIf you feel you might be a compulsive gambler, have a gambling problem or have a desire to stopDid gambling cause a decrease in your ambition or efficiency? After losing did you feel you must...